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Craniosacral leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Your joints will feel better and have a greater range of motion. Headache or  migraine intensity can be reduced and the frequency of headaches can be decreased as well.  Conditions such as sciatica and other nerve problems can feel-like tingling or numbness, perhaps a loss of feeling or persistent pain can be improved in a few sessions. Even stroke patients can experience improvements in their symptoms.


Craniosacral therapy is gentle, safe and effective for reducing trauma and physical pain.  Craniosacral also reduces slugishness, and greatly improves the ability of the body to heal itself. You can feel energized and peacefully relaxed. Try three sessions.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America

Richard Crandall MA, RCST

Registered Craniosacral Therapist

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can reduce the effect of trauma on the mind and body. During the healing session the client lies on their back or side with a pillow under their knees or neck, and the practitioner sits quietly and allows their body to connect to the natural healthing process. The practitioner usually places their hands lightly near the feet or head to begin. The practitioner gradually touchs the clients body and allows the body to relax into a quiet state of settling deeper which usually takes thirty minutes. During the first half hour of the session the client settles into a  relaxed state where we begin to let-go of our pain and suffering.


The practitioners role is to facilitate an unfolding process of listening and supporting a healing process until it reaches completion. Typically the completion occurs within the first 60 minutes and in the time remaining the client reorients to a deeper awareness and fullness of the body. The healing process usually continues to unfold for several days so the healing process continues well beyond the session experienced on the table.


Biodynamic craniosacral approach may also clear congestion and stimulate overall function of the organs. This work brings your body to a very deep state of stillness allowing you to enter a balance point for the specific organ being treated. Organ function maybe improved with a release of tension caused by connective tissue constriction, often related to an imbalance caused by physical or emotional trauma.


Try three sessions before you decide if this work is not for you. Also give yourself time to reorient after each session and drink plenty of water and have a light meal to help integrate the session and adjust to how your body now feels.


Relief from physical and emotional pain can be felt in the first session. For example, if the problem presented in the session is from the recent past, the healing may occur quickly however if the problem is chronic the problem may take more than one session to resolve. For example if the issue were sciatica the acute urgent need for pain relief will be addressed and helped in the first session, however to be free of the long standing sciatic problems, treatments will probably include additional sessions.


Conversation within the bodywork session may occur as the session unfolds. Emotions from trauma or relationship struggles may express as a felt sense. This maybe very helpful in moving through the embodiment of our feelings and helps us move into a deeper understanding of our role in the issue.


Finally, clothing on the body is maintained with the exception of socks. If you prefer essential oils maybe used to facilitate greater healing.  A specific oil just for you maybe applied perhaps to your feet or to a tissue that is placed nearby for you to enjoy during the session.



Richard Crandall  PTP

Polarity Therapy Professional


Polarity is an art and science of healing the mind, body and spirit. The body and the aura including the structure and  energy around and through us can be improved with gentle bodywork of therapeutic polarity massage. Feel better and find how much better you are when you are aligned to the greater healing forces. The energy systems can be brought into balance by clearing and  aligning the Five Elements of Ether, Air, fire,Water and Earth. Elemental Bodywork can relax and awaken the healing forces within and about the body. Elemental Balancing is therapeutic bodywork of the back and neck plus hands, feet, face, ears and torso. Accupressure may be applied along Elemental pathways and priciples that promote greater health. Elemental Balance may improve your vitality and body alignment, leading to healthy diet and greater over all joy. This can align your life to clarity of what is your greater purpose.


Fundamental Principle of Elemental Theory: Pain is associated with a restriction in the flow of connective tissues and life force attempting to correct and improve the body's health. Elemental Bodywork melts the block with the application of thinking, feeling, knowing hands. To help facilitate this process the Elemental practitioner is trained to find and remove the blocks thus allowing your body to experience greater range of motion and less pain.


For example: Elemental Balancing helps you center your body and supports your innate healing wisdom allowing you to feel more invigorated and able to experience life without the weight of the world on your shoulders. Some pain can be emotional pressure urging to take action in your life or encouraging you to accomplish a task. Physical pain can have an emotional component and resolving the physical pain may be about resolving a larger issue in your life. Elemental Balancing can help you discover the larger issue and provide support as you impliment your higher goals and principals.

Link to International Polarity Education Alliance

Elemental Balancing emerged from the Ajurvedic Health model known as"Polarity" Therapy developed by Dr Stone DO, DC, ND. Polarity Therapy is an integrative energy medicine program that promotes well being by restoring the natural balance and healing potential of the human body.


Polarity Theory suggests that energy from creative forces step down into the body at the head and descend through the forhead via the chakras and energy systems. Each Chakra organises a different region in the body. Each chakra channels the energy into the organ systems. Each chakra expresses a different elemental energy such as the elements of ether sometimes called space which centers in the throat. The element air centers in the area of the heart and lungs. As the energy descends lower into the abdomen the energy condenses and becomes the fire for the digestive organs. Lower in the body the water element organises the tissues associated with procreation. Finally the root and ground connection in the torso near the tail bone is the earth element and is associated with elimination.

If you want to feel a greater sense of ease and comfort plus an over all sense of improved health and warmth you have come to the right place. Biodynamic Craniosacral or Polarity therapeutic bodywork restores the natural creative forces and healing dynamic leading to less physical pain, greater emotional growth and spiritual connection. Neuro-muscular-skeletal problems and trauma related health concerns such as joint pain and stiffness, nerve entrapment, substance use, traumatic stress such as feeling flight, fright or frozen can be treated effectively and safely with gentle non invasive craniosacral or polarity therapy. If you are feeling restless, irritable and discontented or suffering with fatigue, poor sleep, muscle aches and pains or feeling on-guard after a traumatic event, try a few sessions of craniosacral or polarity therapy. Richard experienced a profound improvement in his healing from whiplash after receiving one polarity treatment that helped his chiropractic adjustment last for one month instead of just a few days.


The founder of Polarity Therapy, Dr Stone was a chiropractor and osteopath and he noticed that for some people, chiropractic adjustments needed frequent follow-up and  sometimes they didn't work much at all. Dr Stone traveled throughout the East in search of ancient healing methods that would help those who didn't improve by Chiropractic methods. He found that by removing the blocks in the Elemental field, the body will heal more quickly and that chiropractic adjustments would then last longer.


For many injuries such as sciatica or whiplash, Polarity Therapy sessions unblock lines of force associated with each each element releaving physical stress and strain and can help resolve chronic conditions. For example, Richard has often seen polarity treatments accelerate the healing process complimenting physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage and counseling. Polarity Therapy may be used as a stand alone modality or blended with Craniosacral to reduce pain and suffering from acute or chronic conditions of the mind, body or spirit.


Polarity appointments explore holistic health, bodywork and the life process.

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A brief history of Polarity Therapy would not be complete without the mention of its founder Dr Randolph Stone.  Dr Stone was an Osteopath and Chiropracter who traveled in search of the healing methods of the ancient world. Dr Stone explored Eastern Europe, China and India and examined the work of Paracelsus, East Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and the Chinese Five Element Model. Dr Stone became aware that the concept of energy was missing from the Western medical model known as allopathic medicine and created the East-West health-building model of Polarity Therapy. Following the  integrative energy-based therapeutic methods of Dr Stone (1890-1981), Polarity Therapy is a  natural health care system based upon the universal principles of energy, attraction, repulsion and neutrality. The interrelation of these principles forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experience of health, wellness and  disease.

With this new understanding, Polarity Therapy addresses the interdependence of body, mind and spirit, the importance of relationships, and the value of creating a way of life in harmony with nature. As part of the larger field of Energy Therapy, Polarity complements existing systems with an integrative, holistic model that is a transformative influence for change in healthcare, wellness education and complimentary/alternative medicine.


Dr Stone developed simple effective techniques for addressing symptoms associated with heart stability and hypertension, diaphram, neck and jaw tension. Dr Stones therapy also promotes improved function of the liver, kidneys, improves circulation, raises vitality and removes emotional pain from the nervous system. Dr Stones therapy also improves range of motion of the skeletal system including the joints, head and neck, hips, knees, ankles, fingers and toes. Polarity Therapy effectively treats the sacrum, sacroiliac, lumbar and atlas-occiput.

Chi Nei Tsang

Additional methods for improving the organ function include Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) abdominal massage as taught by Master Mantak Chia. CNT is a Taoist approach to easing tension and congestion with in the tissues of the skin and digestive organs. CNT awakens the healing light present at your moment of birth and begins to release tension and move through your organs promoting greater function and life force vitality. In this work the tummy, colon and small intestines are massaged and naval rim is treated to stimulate dormant energy promoting greater health, balance and improved function of organs.

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