Richard W. Crandall

"Consciousness is the ground of our being"

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle hands on approach to reducing emotional and physical pain whether the origin is from accidents or other forms of trauma. The practitioner gently touches the body near the feet, head or where attention is most needed. Within a few minutes, the body eases into a quiet place of resourcing and connection with the natural world.  The whole body healing process begins to be unveiled.  This unfolding process is gentle, kind and loving in the most appropriate way for this moment. You may become aware that other dimensions are at work. You may notice the body becoming peaceful. You are becoming more aligned to your health.  Improved general health and function of the specific area of concern is the benefit of this work. Other cranial sacral forms are similar however, this approach is different from the form practiced by most physical therapists and practitioners. In the biodynamic method the practitioner waits for an uprising of movement to gently flow through the body. The therapist listens deeply to the presence of life force and waits for the uprising fluids to address specific concerns. Gradually during the session flow and function improve. We do not follow a cook-book technique. We listen for the body to approach us and we work together with the innate healing forces of primary resperation and other dimensions of the natural world. This is the Sills-Sutherland approach as taught by Franklin Sills. To schedule an appointment call or email Richard. (802) 674-6661

Richard practices the most comprehensive energy medicine model for treating the mind, body and spirit. Energy therapy helps bring the body into balance and alignment through gentle yet firm contact. The physical body can be brought into alignment with natural healing forces through contact with points along the magnetic fields of energy. Improving alignment with elemental life force gives us a sense of freedom and relief from carrying the weight of the world. This allows us to let-go of our trauma and stress and experience greater freedom and health. Energy therapists suggest homework of yoga, meditation, diet and nutrition.We can discuss  your concerns as part of your session. Energy Medicine offers health knowledge through personal experience of the felt sense of the physical body. This allows spirit to remove pain, decreases joint pain and gently treats the body relieving tension and fatigue thus improving the joint range of motion. Energy Medicine relaxes the mind and helps us claritfy how to move forward in our lives.


Richard began to practice meditation in 1976 while he was working and attending college full time. This evolved (1985) as studied Healing Tao meditation, Tai Chi and Healing Sounds. Richard studied other Healing Tao forms of meditation (1986-92), chi kung and chi nei tsang (1993) with Master Mantak Chia. From October 1994 to December 1997, Richard attended massage and holistic bodywork school at Nansy Risley's Polarity Realization Institute in Portland, ME and Ipswich, MA. From 1999 to 2002 Richard studied biodynamic craniosacral therapy with Roger Gilchrist of the Wellness Institute in Manhattan. In 2003 Richard assisted Roger in his Washington, DC foundation course and in 2004 Richard entered Union University to complete a Masters degree in psychology (April 2007) specializing in mental health and substance use counseling. Richard's thesis was on the benefits of meditation and how meditation may prevent burnout. Richard is currently licensed to practice mental health and substance abuse counseling in the State of Vermont.


Counseling Practice

Richard has practiced mental health and addicitons counseling since 1986. His counseling approach is client-centered, focused on supporting each individual along their path of wellness.  Richard enjoys health through Ajurvedic diet, frequent walks, meditation and spiritual practice. The clients Richard works with have a variety of problems including traumatic stress, drug or alcohol addiction and mental health disorders. 

Richard suggests balancing the mind and body through counseling or therapeutic bodywork, light exercise and spiritual practice such as prayer and meditation. His meditation practice began in 1977 when he was introduced to TM and he has continued to practice meditation as taught by various holistic practitioners and teachers. Richard has help others stop using substances, obtain their driving priviliges and reduce their anxiety through the practice of meditation.
Richard suggests we need to voice our thoughts and feelings, listen to our hearts highest intentions and seek the truth through becoming honest with ourselves and others. This emerging path toward health and healing is challenging and rewarding. If you are thinking maybe this work will help you,  try three sessions and see how you are at that point. One of the recommendations of the recovery community is for the client and family to attend counseling (sometimes together) and for all to find a support group such as Al-anon for the family and AA for client. This will help all involved gain greater knowledge and education. It could save your life.

The session: Clothing remains on the body. You are face up or on your side supported by a pillow under the knees or neck, a blanket may cover you and most importantly we work from a level of comfort.



Biodynamic Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy together offer a profound healing combination that literally transforms the body and nervous system.  In polarity and craniosacral the central nervous flight or flight life responses can be eased. Truama of all forms can be transformed and transmuted. Stress in the body is eased allowing the immune system to function better. Once enough resources are established you may feel safe, relaxed, even learn how to let-go, come into balance which allows the healing process to unfold. When the flight, fight and freeze pattern resolves, your immune system is more able to help you recover from illness. The function of the digestive organs, lymph, connective tissues or viscera may all reorient to a pattern of health. Sessions at Awakenings help you feel refreshed, lighter and at peace.

1991 Franklin Pierce BS

1985-94 International Healing Tao: Studied Tai Chi Chuan Short Form, Healing Sounds Meditation, Fusion Meditation and Chi Nei Tsang.


1994-97 Polarity Realization Institute, Portland Maine and Ipswich, MA, 880- Hour Program in Polarity Wellness, Yoga, Diet and Nutrition, Massage and Personal Process.


Polarity Therapy Professional, member International Polarity Education Alliance, Polarity Practitioner since 1995.


1999-02 Wellness Institute, Washington, DC, and NYC 750-Hour Holistic Program in Cranial Therapy and the Energetic Body

2002 Canadian Holistic Therapist Training School for Aromatherapy, Herbs, Nutrition & Massage

2002 International Aromatherapy and Tutors Association

2003-04 - Teaching Assistant, Washington, DC, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy

2004-07 Vermont College Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

2010 Mt Madonna Cranial Therapy Conf.

2011 Advanced Training in Cranial Therapy by Franklin Sills

2014 Mt Madonna Science and Spirituality Conference on Craniosacral and Polarity

2017 Advanced Training in Fascia


Richard's Clinical Experience
Richard entered the field of human services in 1985. when he began as a mental health counselor at Danvers State Hospital. He continued his employment at Seaborne Hospital and after seven years began working at the Anne Marie Connelly Crisis Center, Social Detox, Turning Point Half Way House, and Out Patient Counselor at Southeastern Services. Richard has also worked at HCRS in Springfield and Hartland, VT and WCBH as a mental health and substance use clinician in Lebanon and Claremont, NH. Richard began working at Headrest to be part of a substance use team and left in the spring of 2016 to enter private practice as an independent provider. 

Richard has over 30 years of experience in treating substance use and mental health problems. Richard's practice consists of helping people feel better about their life, more positive and hopeful about their future. The underlying principal: People with better resources are able to reduce their use of substances, reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders and address substance use challenges. His private practice is focused on a holistic approach to help people feel better about their lives and hopeful of a new tomorrow. Richard's goal is to help his clients find an inner connection that helps them heal their lives and helps them remain clean and sober feeling more at ease within their body. Since 1986 Richard has been a counselor specializing in addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders and practitioner of the healing arts. Richard began to practice meditation in 1976 and began to practice tai chi, healing sounds, and chi kung in 1985. The Taoist practice has strengthened his practice as a healer and guides him to help others heal their physical, mental and emotional bodies. The support and encouragement to strengthen your energy and physical body has become part of his practice and professional service offered while his clients continue their healing journey.


Richard sees  clients Monday through Thursday. Richard formerly practiced polarity and craniosacral in White River Junction from 1998 to 2008. Richard completed a masters degree in counseling in 2007. In 2008 Richard returned to work in the field of addictions in order to fulfill licensing  requirements and has continued his private practice in craniosacral and polarity therapy at the Burton House where he currently practices biodynamic craniosacral and polarity therapeutic bodywork Monday through Wednesday, and counseling on Thursday. 



Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Assoc. of North America

International Polarity Education Alliance

Vermont Mental Health Counselors Assoc.

National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors

Vermont Addiction Professional Assoc.



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Story of the Mandala

When I first met Jim Van Dyk he wanted to know more about the healing work I provided. Jim's first question was "have you had any visions?" I was surprised by his question and rather reluctant to answer. I wasn't sure if I could trust him and I didn't know how he might respond to what I was about to say. Part of me thinks he already new and he asked me to see if I was willing to be honest. I took a moment then began by telling  him of a vision of a  "City in the sky" that I had witnessed in the fall of 1993. The weather was clear of clouds and time was about 3:40 PM. The sky was blue I was walking across the parking lot at Seaborn Hospital where I worked as an evening counselor. When a feeling brought my attention to look into the southwestern sky up at about 45 degrees. There to my amazement appeared a rectangular walled city with one large tall building and several smaller buldings around a park like area. The walled city image was set into a blue-green sky window.  The image  did not appear to be moving and appeared to be in another  dimension. Up until this discussion I had  only shared my vision with my supervisor and two other  counselors. Jim however took what I said, listened and later when we  had a  chance to talk more at length said I had seen New Jerusalem. I was stunned and to this day don't know if that was what I saw or not. I don't doubt what I saw was not of this world and  just  perhaps those  that occupy the  city  are far advanced and in some way supportive  of  human development. It may be  where we  go in dream state  when we  have  spirit classes.

Jim Van Dyk  drew images that represented a specific frequency of energy. In this case the mandala was drawn on a computer and Jim captured the essence of the source and transmission from the City in the Sky. Jim's first attempt was stored on a zip drive and mysteriously disappeared. Jim reported it had taken him a few weeks to prepare the image and he was upset and a bit angry that his  work was gone. He then shared 'well  it  must mean I need to do something better this time.' Jim tried again and what he drew does seem to transmit a beautiful force.  The essence of the healing work does feel something like what Jim has created. I say this because after the image  was created I commisioned another painter  to use a larger image fit into a frame which was then installed above  my office door in White River Junction, VT.  While the weather was good the image appeared to have been projected into the surrounding community. Unfortunately even though we tried to maintain the image through the  winter, conditions were too intense and future signs failed to with stand the cold and frost. Other sign makers were approached yet none  were able  to complete the task I required.

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