Visceral Work

 Visceral Manipulation is a biodynamic craniosacral approach to clearing congestion and stimulating overall function of the organs. This work brings your body to a very deep state of stillness allowing you to enter a balance point for the specific organ being treated. Organ function maybe improved with a release of tension caused by connective tissue constriction, often related to an imbalance caused by physical or emotional trauma or accident.


Additional methods for improving the organ function include Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) abdominal massage as taught by Master Mantak Chia. CNT is a Taoist approach to awakening the healing light that was present at your moment of birth and can be released and moved through your organs promoting greater function and life force vitality. In this work the tummy, colon and small intestines are massaged and naval rim is treated to stimulate dormant energy promoting greater health, balance and improved function of organs.

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