Integrative Bodywork and Counseling

Therapeutic Bodywork can begin after Holistic Counseling. The choice is up to you. Holistic Counseling clarifies your needs, thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes and may prove helpful in achieving a clear path to balance and greater health. Discussion may also clarify the type of therapeutic approach that is most appropriate for you at this time.


Richard has been trained in Holistic Bodywork and Life Process Counseling.  His teachers include Nancy Risley RPP, Roger Gilchrist MA, RPP and Suellen Trumbore-Channey RPP. All are experienced Polarity Teachers that have found a powerful healing model of Integrative Polarity Therapy and Life Process Counseling. This type of therapy clarifies the specific bodywork healing process associated with your currect problem and provides a specific approach to finding balance.


Holistic Life Process Counseling supports you in integrating the mind-body connection. As you experience your body in a new way through present state awareness there is a shift in your ability to examine and deepen your awareness of the mind-body connection. This is about supporting you in finding new relationships, perspectives and strength to move forward with your life. This is about reviewing your current moment and supporting your process in becoming aware of your wholeness and healing potential. In this process you may find resources you never thought you had but were really part of your higher self and this provides a pathway for greater knowledge and manifestation. Here you may begin to let-go of your fear(s) and allow your self to trust the natural healing dimensions of your higher and greater self.


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