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TeleBehavioral Health

 Insuance accepted: Anthem, Harvard Pilgrim, Cigna, BCBS, MVP,  VT Medicaid Insurance 


If you would rather pay out of pocket the Counseling fee is $110 per hour


Tele-Body Work/energy therapy is a practice whereby a connection is established virtually through guided imagery, intention and breathwork. We would meet virtually according to your choice of computer or phone and talk through the healing session. The practice of craniosacral or polarity therapy through the development of presence is achieved through remote healing methods that are not totally understood but appear to provide healing benefits. Presence is obtained through guided imagery and awareness of the felt sense of the body in the moment. During the session you will be guided into a quiet still place of healing that will last for about

90 minutes. The effects of the session will continue to provide healing benefits and advancement for a few days following the session according to your inherent treatment plan.  If this is your first time seeing me for bodywork we would need to obtain a medical history before completing an energy healing session this helps to make sure this is a good fit for both of us. If you wish to discuss further please call Richard today. (Sliding scale $50 to $110 per session)                               

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