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We talk about what works for you first before we begin. Bodywork and life process counseling clarifies your needs, thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes and may prove helpful in achieving a clear path to balance and greater health. Talking about your feelings while on the bodywork table may also help you move through your personal process and clarify the type of therapeutic approach that is most appropriate for you at this time. This type of combined bodywork and counseling can be scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes if you wish.


Richard has been trained in Holistic Bodywork and Life Process Counseling.  His teachers include Nancy Risley RPP, Roger Gilchrist MA, RPP and Suellen Trumbore-Channey RPP. All are experienced Polarity Teachers that have found a powerful healing model of Integrative Polarity Therapy and Life Process Counseling. This type of therapy clarifies the specific bodywork healing process associated with your currect problem and provides a specific approach to finding balance.


Holistic Life Process Counseling supports you in integrating the mind-body connection. As you experience your body in a new way through present state awareness there is a shift in your ability to examine and deepen your awareness of the mind-body connection. This is about supporting you in finding new relationships, perspectives and strength to move forward with your life. This is about reviewing your current moment and supporting your process in becoming aware of your wholeness and healing potential. In this process you may find resources you never thought you had but were really part of your higher potential or higher self and  provides a pathway for greater knowledge and manifestation. Here you may begin to let-go of your fear(s) and allow your self to trust the natural healing dimensions of your spirit.



Organic Essential oils from Mountain Rose Herb are helpful for natural healing. Oils can be utilized for treating anxiety, sleeplessness and other mood issues.


The use of oils during treatment can be helpful to clear congestion or reduce anxiety.


Lavender is commonly used to help relax.


Sandalwood and Frankincense help reduce anxiety.


Peppermint stimulates and can be used to help reduce stress.


Essential Oil Education can be part of your session.

How I found Health and Healing

Healing Trauma with a Gradual Natural Process

Aug 13, 2017
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Improving how you feel

Apr 9, 2017
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Holistic Awakenings

Apr 4, 2017
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We learn very slowly to appreciate how miraculous life can be. I have been left speechless, been struck by the beauty and mystery of creation. Only because I have been blessed with practicing a variety of healing modalities such as the biodynamic method of craniosacral therapy and Dr Stones Polarity Therapy, my body has developed the skills needed to feel the gentle forces of energy that flow through the body. Slowly I have changed from within to appreciate the subtle forces that flow deeply through myself and others. I have grown to appreciate just watching the ripples and energetic wisdom, nuances of tissue and nervous sytem release expressed by an ancient wisdom to be part of something much much greater than just skin and bones, blood and tissue. I have grown to be patient and by not doing and by just watching and resisting the temptation to apply therapy by waiting patiently for a greater deeper expression to arise, great change unfolds from the depths of stillness and profound creative intelligence unfolds within the body and mind stetching into the space around the treatment table into the room and beyond.

The sacrum as drawn by Netters.

The Mysterious Sacrum

The sacrum is key to maintaining structural alignment and healthy body. When the sacrum tips left or right a nagging pain may be felt. If the sacrum is chronically out of balance, deterioration of the hips may occur. This may be evidenced by a loss of strength and by the spine that appears to be on a zig-zag vertical path.


The sacrum only needs to be a tiny bit off center for problems to occur. Problems with skin complection, digestion, colon, prostrate, uterus or hips may occur.


Do you have a combination of the following? Is one shoulder lower then the other, one pelvis higher then the other, one leg short, the bone behind one ear sore, one hip sore, one buttock lower than the other, is the skin above the pelvis folding, or emotions feeling overwhelmed?


Structural balance and correction can occur safely, gently, gradually and non-intrusively.  The biodynamic craniosacral therapist pays close attention to the creative forces of stillness and gentle tides of healing intelligence within your body. While listening to the directions indicated by your body the therapist may gently contact your sacrum or pelvis allowing ample space for your process to unfold. Gradually the process begins. A thermal response is felt as connective tissues reform relationships and ligaments let-go of the trauma held. The sacrum shifts, the correction has occurred.

The sacrum is key in maintaining structural alignment. Our legs are positioned to the left and right of the sacrum which centers the base of the spine within the pelvic girdle and supports all the bones above the sacrum. If the foundation is off, the bones arising above it will also be off.


Ask any mason building a chimney why it is so important for the footing  to be secure and balanced and you'll get the idea. Too much stress on either side will bend the structure away from center and throw something out bringing on pain and discomfort.


The stress doesn't need to be physical. The stress can be a combination of physical and mental "overwhelm" and we feel it in the gut which vibrates right down to the spine and tickles a message by way of the psoas.  Just like a trip wire the iliac crest gets triggered and we feel like our back is  thrown out. We call in to work telling the boss "I have to stay in bed for a while until my back feels better". When the low back goes out the pain can be excruciating. What I am willling to bet is that the sacrum was set off by an overwhelming situation and your body mechanics took over and forced you to slow down.

Experiencing a car accident can be scary. Thoughts and images can slow down and we can receive messages. When I knew I wasn't able to avoid the collision I remembered my high school driver instructers words "choose the point where you want to collide". I turned to the right and drove into the wheel behind the drivers door. The car in front of me had turned off the road then swung quickly around driving out into the two lane road where I was traveling at 50 mph. I hit my brakes and turned to the right as the car in front of me was now broadside. I sustained wip-lash and saw my doctor the next day. I was treated with physical therapy and ultra-sound for the next six weeks and started to feel worse. They wanted to operate and I said "no thank you" I will look into a alternative solution. I remember the look on the nurses face she seemed somewhat horrified. I had been given another message to visit a local chiropractor and once x-rayed I was told I had decreased curvature in my neck. I started obtaining adjustments three times weekly. For the next two years I was in the chiropracters office 2 times per week and was beginning to feel better. My DC said I was ready to exercise so I joined the local Y and started swimming and learning technique for light weight training. I also returned to practicing tai chi and meditation regularly and in my third year of  recovery I began monthly massage and reiki treatments and experienced a polarity session. Up until that point the chiropractic adjustment would  help me feel better for perhaps a week. After receiving one polarity treatment I was able to feel good for a month. I was intrigued and  started to explore other treatments at a Healing Tao Retreat in New York. I experienced a five day training in Chi Nei Tsang and my neck felt really good so I returned home and started looking  further at alternative health schools. I chose a polarity school in Maine for they had a beginners course in massage and I was introduced to polarity as a modality as well.

     I was advised to seek a second opinion by my attorney so I went to a orthopedic doctor that was a pain specialist, a Physiatrist and was known as the best surgeon in the area. He said your doing well come back in a year. So I did and that second visit he considered a free consultation for he asked me to show him what I was doing to feel so good. I got up on his office treatment  table and demonstrated a polarity treatment on myself which helped center the rib and pelvic structure with the spine. He was very impressed and told me I was one of two individuals in his practice that recovered from their accident. The other person was a young athlete, I was about forty years of age at the time. The doctor said although he performed surgery all he really did was help people manage their pain. I continue to feel better and better by walking the hills of Vermont and I obtain therapeutic bodywork treatments of biodynamic craniosacral and polarity once per month. My health continues to improve and even early childhood injuries are being addressed.

    So what have I learned? That chronic pain can be treated effectively with meditation and energy therapy. I suggest you find what works for you and listen to your inner guidance. Pray and meditate daily to address your personal issues. A variety of treatments perhaps three different types of treatments may help you recovery from chronic pain. I might suggest biodynamic craniosacral, reiki and massage, polarity, swimming, walking, nutritional support and acupuncture if that's what works for you. Those choices need to be explored with the guidance of your alternative health provider. Your PCP, DO, DC, ND, PT, MD, spiritual or religeous advisor, but somebody that is a professional should be helping you make those health choices. Remember healing is usually three steps forward and two steps back, progress is made gradually for it is not an event, but a healing process that transforms you physically, mentally and may lead to a spiritual experience.

A Prespective on the origins of an illness!

Five percent of illness is probably caused  by genetic vulnerabilities and five percent is probably caused by environmental factors. However ninety percent  is  caused by stress and our inability to remain healthy under stressful experiences. When we are able to process our daily activities and experience a sense of completion without too much overwhelm we seem to do pretty well. However, when we still carry the feeling of an experience or can't stop thinking about what happened do we get ill? I think the answer is sometimes and that's because we eventually let-go and move on. Our mind allows us to just get on with life and at other times there is a build-up of many events and we carry those images around. Our bodies allow us to go into denial for years or decades. After a while those images can get pretty heavy so heavy that we become overwhelmed and tired with exhaustion of the burdon of it all. If you think about the activites going on around us and the world at large, well you will get the point. However, what is really going on within us and how we handle these situations can sometimes baffle us and other times if we work at it we are able to let-go and move on. A friend of mind said, " Its not what we hang onto that counts it's what we let-go of that really matters".


So what is going on with us? We can live in the flight and fight mode for pretty long but eventually at least 90% of what leads to illness is caused by being too stressed out. So stressed out that our bodies immune system is not getting the correct biochemical messages due to our bodies  chronic state of unrest. So what I am saying is that most illness is caused by the nervous system never getting out of flight or fight. Don't take my word for it ask your doctor. For the past ten years of so I have been hearing more and more main stream medical people admit they are only helping 10 -15% of their clients and that stress leads to 90-99% of all illness. At first  I only heard  that message from Osteopathic Doctors and my holistic  teachers, but now I am hearing it from Medical Doctors. The sad thing is medications do not help restore the balance of the fight and flight mechanism, because medications may only suppress the symptoms and may not treat the root cause of illness. I once ask a student psychiatrist if  drugs treat the health of the body allowing the body to naturally heal it self. The student replied, drugs that he knew of only treat the sympathetic nervous system and do not treat the parasympathetic branch. I am not really sure medical people understand that health in the body is supported by a healthy flight and fight nervous system. I would define healthy nervous system as one that isn't stuck and can get unstuck allowing the individual to become relaxed and that is when we feel at ease and can start to breath and our vitality starts to return and we start to feel better.

    As you may be aware during the past fifty years or so the alternative healing methods have become part of our health practice here in the west. The holistic healing arts can help our bodies become restored to balance and health. Sometimes our bodies need extra help from a practitioner that is familiar with getting the nervous sytem to quiet down. Depending upon what you feel comfortable with that maybe massage, acupuncture, ND or DO, using herbs, spiritual healing, chiropractic adjustment or other forms of therapeutic bodywork such as Polarity and Craniosacral therapy. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapists listen with their hands, hearts, minds and allow messages to come through and as we get out of the way and allow a force much greater and wiser than ourselves to be present then something wonderful happens and we become humbled by the force that created us for the force that created us also heals us.

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