Richard Crandall                                                                   Polarity Therapy Professional


Tele- Polarity can be done remotely to anywhere. Healing work that clears your energy field and energy systems can be done in about thirty minutes.Your chakras, aura, your energetic principles that support greater health, free flow of thoughts, emotions and relaxed presence will be cleared with light and crystal intention. Your role in this healing work is to simply relax in a comfortable chair or sleeping area.

Each session begins with a brief check in to clarify your health concerns. After you feel that we have clarified your current issues we move to the healing therapy where we may continue our talk and support your body in finding balance. With distance work there will be an opprtunity for you to talk about your experience through text or email as a follow up after your session.


Richard received his polarity distance training at Nancy Risley's school, Polarity Realization Institute (Spa Tech) in Ipswich, MA, 

Mind-Body Wellness

During a polarity session in the office, you will remain fully clothed and contact may be made with your body in order to support greater health and inner peace. Touch is sometimes employed to facilitate grounding, balance, neutrality without causing harm. Polarity Therapy is an Ajurvedic health program of therapeutic bodywork, gentle excerise, nutrition and meditation. Polarity is a natural health care system based upon energy flow. The interrelationship of energy principles forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experience of health, wellness and disease. We can remove blocks to the flow of energy, pain can be reduced and transmuted into positive energy leaving us with a rich sense of well-being. We can also learn and practice meditation and focusing to promote greater awareness of our inner wisdom.

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