Conversation with bodywork available Monday through Wednesday.


A bodywork session can begin with a half hour conversation before your session moves to the bodywork table. The choice is up to you. Discussion before your session often clarifies your needs, thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes and may prove helpful is achieving your goals. Discussion may also clarify the type of therapeutic approach that is most appropriate for you at this time. Over time your life will be transformed.


Here we begin to examine another way of observing our life process. As you experience your felt sense there is a shift in your ability to examine and deepen your awareness of the mind-body connection. This is about reviewing your current moment and supporting your process in becoming aware of your wholeness and healing potential. In this process you may become aware of yourself and surroundings as never before. Here you may begin to let-go of your need to control and allow your self to feel beyond your common experience.


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